Why invest in copper

Wellcome to this web site for custom ‘rust-free’ sheet metal design and fabrication. CBD primarily makes rain management products, but have been contracted to make a variety of other unique projects you may have need for. I am quite why invest in copper to help come up with unique innovative solutions to suit your needs, and I love colaborating with our Clients, which is how we have so many examples now to show you on this extensive web site. The term ‘rust free’ should be a very important detail in your mind, even if your needs are for an interior use.

The word ‘iron’ same as ‘rust’ should be though of as a 4 letter words in your vocabulary, as I do. I will openly refuse to work with steel, other than my hand tools of course. The use of steel has been a huge problem in the roofing work industry. Even when insisted by the Homeowner to use an iron free metal. They act as if there were no other alternatives to steel, yet any Roofer knows steel will not last as long as a low life 25 year roofing material, which intern voids the shingle warranty. The same for stainless steel, which turned out to be just cheap galvanized steel.

They count on most Homeowners to not discovering their swindle for a decade or so. Not until the rust begins to form. From what I know of steel it is not even worth the effort to install, even if they sold steel flashing with a decent automotive quality paint or a powder coat. Steel flashing or roofing of any sort should be made illegal for use in the roofing industry to help minimize our land-fill issue with so many kilotons of this ‘hazardous waste’ each year. Yes, that is what asphalt shingles are listed as. This is not just the fault of your local Roofer.

Some hospitals have used copper over stainless steel to help dramatically reduce staff infection. The only reason stainless steel is so popular is because it may look cleaner than tarnishing copper with little to no maintenance, but looks can be deceiving. They waste a lot of time having staff polishing the copper to make it look cleaner, yet are not really accomplishing any real benefit, other than a perceived cleanliness. I’ve been told I should charge more for what CBD puts into each project, but I have a smaller overhead than most sheet metal shops, and seem to be less greedy. In stead place my focus on personal service with our Clients long term satisfaction always in mind.