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Please forward this error screen rating and investment information 88. Annuity Company Ratings There are over 2000 insurance providers in the United States. Of these, a couple hundred offer annuities and life insurance.

The following is a list of the top 35 annuity companies and their security ratings. Poor’s, and Fitch are the world’s leading financial rating institutions. Don’t Just Shop, Implement a Solid Retirement Strategy Purchasing an annuity is a big decision. Online research is a good start, but prudent investors should discuss all their options and risks with an independent financial advisor. Request a free, no-obligation consultation today, along with a report of current rates on brand-name annuities. Speak with an advisor over the phone about annuities for FREE.

Very vulnerable to unfavourable economic conditions. Extremely vulnerable to unfavourable economic conditions. Company is under regulation, preventing normal business operations. Unevaluated due to inadequate information or lack of cooperation. Market conditions are unlikely to affect a fundamentally strong position. High-grade company with marginally larger long-term risks.