Minimum amount you can invest in stocks

How minimum amount you can invest in stocks Plan a Home Purchase? Why not to use credit card? How to Stop Overspending of money? What is the minimum amount to invest in share market?

This was the question asked to me by my friend. My friend wanted to start investing in share market. He was little wary as he was not sure of the rules. Beginning of investment in share market is never easy for common men. The terminologies of shares market are alien and unknown to us.

We are caught defensive and fearful in necessary stock calculations. Share market is like a vast jungle which is fun exploring, but is risks too. Investment start-up in share market must be done with caution. Nagging questions comes to mind from the very beginning.

There are any rules which limit the minimum amount to invest in share market? No, in share market there is nothing called minimum or maximum limit. Of course there are regulation when stocks buying is in large numbers. All buying limits are possible provided rules are followed. From market side there is nothing like minimum amount to invest in share market. But from investors side, one must keep a watch on the trading expenses. Frequent trading calls for high cost.

Purchase of stocks in small amounts may also lead of high cost. Before investing in stocks, one must have a trading account. Selection of a online broker can be done easily these days. There are a multitude brokers available, and majority offers reasonable service. One element of distinction between brokers is their brokerage fees.