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Khodorkovsky: Moscow Targets another Russian Jewish Oligarch. Jews change the world around them. Open Society Foundation – and its offspring – to Poland, Russia and other East European Communist countries. In more recent years, both Soros and Sachs have turned against the “Washington Consensus”. I have been in two minds about him.

As I researched this article, I came across plenty of muckraking material about Soros. West, ploughs his profits into New Left causes such as Radical Feminism, Gay Rights and Open-Border Immigration. Zionist Lobby has also come out against Soros. David Horowitz’s book The Shadow Party spurred a renewed bout of investigation on my part, but in the wake of Horowotz’ campaign against the Seattle bus ads featuring destroyed Palestianisn homes, I decided that I would not use Horowitz as a source. Libertarian” Right in the US is the pro-Republican camp which prentends to defend the Little Guy from Big Government, but which in fact would leave Wealth and Power concentrated in the Big End of Town. American “patriotic” circles, whose webpages clogg Google’s hits on Soros. Their ideoligical line and their resort to vulgar, vitriolic, abusive language renders their material unusable.

It takes a skilled internet researcher to find ways to “weed out” their material when doing Google searches. Through such a “weeding” process, I have accumulated some solid material on Soros and his ties with Khodorkovsky, Rothschild et al. What upsets me about Khodorkovsky, the other Oligarchs, and their western backers, is the betrayal of the long-suffering Russian people. We encouraged them to throw off totalitarianism but, when they did, instead of befriending them we sold them into slavery. Unconscionable Oligrarchs – nearly all Jewish – had no qualms about seizing the assets of the people and leaving them destitute.

Gorbachev, in his rule from 1985 to 1991, removed the tyrannical aspects of Soviet life, leaving the good aspects such as equality and full employment. There was no need to further destroy it. Valdas Anelauskas was a Lithuanian dissident who fled the USSR for the US, but was then shocked to discover that he had been deceived about America being a paradise America – as presented by Voice of America and Radio Free Europe. When I lived in the Soviet Union I thought that the Soviet Communist system was the worst possible social order. The more I scrutinize the American reality, the deeper I am shocked by all the evil that I see here.

In America, the rich are truly rich and the poor are hopelessly poor. In my opinion, the United States today has the most advanced system of private tyranny. Now, after six years of living here in this country, this society, I understand very well that all those bad things which Soviet propaganda told us about America, in most cases weren’t lies at all. One can see now how disillusioned the majority of people in the former Soviet countries are today, after they have tried out the reality of “free markets” on their own backs. Most people that I personally know, my close friends, relatives, and acquaintances who live in post-Soviet countries, including my native Lithuania, acknowledge today that even the Soviet system wasn’t so terrible when compared to American-style laissez-faire capitalism. One wonders then, why Soros and Sachs wanted to dismantle the Soviet economy.

Could it be because it was seen as being “bad for the Jews? Since 1991, Soros and Sachs seem to have changed tack – attacking the extremes of capitalism – but I have never seen them acknowledge their sins for having wrought disaster on the peoples of the former Soviet Union. Soros denounced the conviction of Khodorkovsky, showing where his true loyalties lie. He is no Robin Hood, but a fellow Oligarch, bold and shameless like the rest – who are using Western courts to try to recover the ill-gotten assets they picked up for a song under Yeltsin, and which were later impounded by Putin. The changes Jews brought to post-Soviet Russia also illustrate how they mould the West. The Jewish intelligentsia always sought to democratize and liberalize Russia, bring it closer to the West. The ethnic Russian intelligentsia always wanted a Russian Orthodox power, an imperium.