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They can also be activated with the “Custom” difficulty option during hero creation for a new game. Enemies always scale to be at least the same level as the Inquisitor. Significantly increases the chance of receiving special shipment rewards in your stronghold. Wait until the Inquisitor reaches level 16, then turn the trial on and travel to the Hinterlands to slay the Fereldan Frostback high dragon. To earn the achievement, the trial does not have to be active at all times, only prior to battling the Ferelden Frostback.

See the Frostback’s page for a strategy guide. The general strategy does not change much, and the dragon’s stats are comparable to those of the Abyssal High Dragon with the trial not enabled. The dragon’s level is set from the moment the player steps into Lady Shayna’s Valley, even though its health bar isn’t displayed at this point. If the Fereldan Frostback has already been slain, the achievement must be unlocked in a new game or from a save file prior to the dragon’s demise. Turning this trial on affects all targetable items or creatures of any level in the game, including non-hostile creatures and magical barriers.

The enemies of the Inquisitor may have new traits and abilities in combat. Turn the trial on at any point and kill any 20 creatures, including non-hostile creatures, with “Promoted” listed in their traits in the Tactical Camera. After slaying 20, the achievement unlocks. Enemies that have been given additional traits but do not specifically carry the “Promoted” status effect will not count towards the achievement.

Not every enemy in a group will be given “Promoted” status with this trial enabled. On average, one enemy per group will be given the “Promoted” status, and even then the promotion is only done on an occasional basis, with no guarantee that every group of enemies will have a “Promoted” unit. However, enemies can still be given an additional trait as listed above without otherwise being labeled as “Promoted. You lose all focus if you rest or travel to a camp. Slightly increases the chance of receiving special shipment rewards in your stronghold.

Turn this trial on before traveling to Emprise du Lion for the first time. Establishing new Inquisition camps has the same effect as resting or fast traveling to a camp, which in turn vacates the party’s accrued Focus. This must be done several times as the Inquisition advances its foothold in the region, hence the nature of the trial. As travel between wilderness areas requires traveling to a camp, this too vacates the Focus accrued. Thus, Focus abilities must be refilled in Emprise du Lion to be used in that area. Despite the achievement’s description, once access to Emprise du Lion is granted and the area accessed once, disabling the trial anywhere, even a completely different wilderness area or Skyhold, voids the achievement. Like with the difficulty achievements, simply disabling the trial in the Options, saving the changes, then immediately re-enabling it without leaving the pause menu, voids the achievement if Emprise du Lion has been entered at least once.

As the minimum enemy level for the area is 16, it is advisable to not even spend the Power to unlock Emprise du Lion until the player has reached this level, so as to prevent needing to enable this trial for longer than is deemed necessary. It should still be possible on the higher difficulties if the player never made a habit of relying on Focus abilities, or otherwise acclimated to the trial’s condition during their playthrough, in the first place. As Focus abilities are not unlocked until after reaching Skyhold, enabling this trial at the beginning of the game can serve to add rewards to the Special Shipments chest with relatively no changes to the player’s standard gameplay. All healing potions heal only 1 health. Complete the war table operation Restore Judicael’s Crossing, then activate the trial prior to battling the Hivernal high dragon, and keep it active until the dragon is slain.

The trial does not have to be active at all times, only prior to the Hivernal’s health bar showing up in the display. See the Hivernal’s page for a strategy guide. If the Hivernal has already been slain, the achievement must be unlocked in a new game or from a save file prior to the dragon’s demise. This trial affects not only regular Healing Potions, but also adversely affects the healing effects of Regeneration Potions and Healing Mist grenades, restoring 1 HP per second and restoring 1 HP in an area-of-effect respectively. This trial will not only affect the Inquisitor or even just their party, it will cause all NPCs to only heal one health per potion. As such, friendly NPCs such as Hawke and the Warden ally will, whenever they are low on health, continue to consume an infinite supply of health potions to almost no effect.

All supply caches are removed from the game. Turn the trial on before starting the main quest In Hushed Whispers. That is, before going to Redcliffe to meet with the mages. Complete the quest all the way through alliance with or conscription of the mages and the closing dialogue back at Haven. To prevent unnecessary consumption of Healing Potions, set companions’ A.