Is gold a wise investment

Please forward this error screen to 209. Please forward this error screen to 184. Please forward this error screen to 67. German company and as such Is gold a wise investment had a bit of a difficult time conducting research into the company.

The company’s official website appears to solely exist in German and contains no information about the company itself. 16-year old company that has its own gold mines, production, refinery and storage facilities. In their first 14 years, their main products were wealth management, insurance and pension plans. In May 2008 KB launched the gold purchase plan into their portfolio.

This quickly became a huge success and since some 30. Germany, Austria and Switzerland have made gold purchase plans with KB. Again with this all being sourced from German sources, I haven’t been able to independently verify the information. Read on for a full review of the KB Gold MLM business opportunity. Payment is made monthly and gold is stored with KB Gold in Switzerland.

3,000 or more can be delivered directly to your front door, free of charge. In 2010 several investigations were opened by German authorities after suspicions into whether or not KB Gold were producing the gold they claimed they were with these investigations closed upon authorities verifying the gold actually existed. By all accounts there appears to be legitimacy on the gold manufacturing side of the business. 100 EUR invested equating to 100 points for the KB Gold affiliate who referred the customer.

Note that these are the maximum pay outs available, subject to a signed up customer investing 1,500 EUR in gold. Joining KB Gold Membership to KB Gold is free, there is no distinction between KB Gold customers and affiliates. Conclusion On the gold manufacturing side of things, I don’t really see any problems with the KB Gold business model. Quite obviously it’s an investment with affiliates only purchasing the gold with an expectation of receiving an increased return as the gold value increases, however gold itself is a tangible product. Should KB Gold not be actually purchasing gold with the money sent to them, there’d obviously be a problem but as per the German authorities investigations this appears to not be the case, in that dollar for dollar gold is being matched to the money coming in.