Is diamond jewelry a good investment

Is diamond jewelry a good investment forward this error screen to sharedip-10718027213. Before starting your quest for the best diamond prices, be sure to understand the key components of a diamond price. Our Diamond Price List deliver an updated sheet of diamond prices used by wholesalers within the diamond industry.

It is a very good way to estimate the diamond prices with the original market price indicator. How much is it going to cost? Clarity and the Color of the diamond. Wholesale Round Diamond Prices Chart, comparison Let’s have look on the price variation comparing some 2 carats diamond price and some 3 carats diamond price. As you can see only one parameter can change a lot of the diamond price, so it’s better to know a least your budget or what kind of diamond you exactly want to find. Some specific fancy colors are cheaper than others, that’s why Black Diamond Engagement Rings are much more affordable.

The Wholesale Diamond Price list Our updated list is a major source of market prices and fluctuations used by wholesale profesessionals to establish prices. To calculate the total Diamond Price, multiple the size by the diamond price per carat. Diamond Price Chart for 2 carats diamond and 3 carats diamond. Diamond Value Calculator While diamonds are all unique and incredibly rare to find, over the years the diamond pricing methods have become largely standardized so that all diamond professionals can calculate the actual diamond value just looking at the diamond’s characteristics. What we mean by market conditions is the variation in price based on whether that particular diamond is currently in high demand, like princess cuts and cushion cuts in 2015, and if that particular diamond is especially rare to find, like large colored diamonds or large flawless diamonds perfectly cut by the diamond cutters.