Investment logic mapping training

If you want to get things done faster, standardize on a repeatable approach for just about any data integration effort, and work with a company that brings deep expertise to investment logic mapping training table to help you solve your problems, then look no further than AnalytiX DS. The self-service application enables our business users and executives by providing a single point of entry to full business glossaries, data catalogue, valid values and reference data and data lineage views.

We gained time savings from creating mappings using drag n drop from within the mapping manager versus manually typing them into Microsoft excel driven files. DQ Analyst can now be more efficient and take on increasing more leadership roles by involving business users in the Data Quality Assessments. Analytix DS take a strong partnering approach to ensure success and delivery confidence. Data Stewards can use Data Governance Center to manage business terms, rules policy and even plan track and measure their goals and assignments. View end to end lineage of data. View mapping lineage and auto-document mappings from procedural code by reverse engineering ETL jobs, procedural code like stored procedures, java code, cobol programs and more. Meet regulatory compliance with tools and Govern Sensitive and Protected data in a central metadata repository.

Auto-document code and create mappings and lineage. Pre-built cats enable you to auto-document almost all code. ETL Big Data and Testing Automation. For the past 20 years the data integration coding process has been manual, while architects have tried to create and document standards in Microsoft word documents.