Investment in singapore 2017

You were more than 1000 attendees this year on this first edition of Investment in singapore 2017 Asia 2017 Exhibition and Conferences. We thank you for this successful meeting and get you in touch for our next events in Singapore.

This is an area where experts believe will take the spotlight in 2017, as more agencies are looking at a full integration into targeted area of their businesses. We are at a critical point in history. Everyone must step in, understand the key benefits and challenges of AI, and the mandatory changes that must take place in order to bring intelligence to life. The impact of AI to any ecosystem is huge.

With proper understanding and tapped in the right way, it would present an extraordinary competitive advantage to businesses! What are the AI driving forces. Explore first industrial and Consumer applications. Legal Issues in Artificial Intelligence: Who regulates the Machines? Need to talk business in private? Come meet the actors of artificial intelligence at the heart of the first Smart Nation on the occasion of the annual meeting of French innovation on the A.