Investment fund financial model

We invest globally, but our focus is on Investment fund financial model and the US. Our vision is that ALS patients will live longer and may even be cured in the long run. It’s a matter of enough resources and the right talent to reach this goal. It has worked in other diseases, so why not here?

Our deeply rooted belief is that entrepreneurship in combination with research will drive innovation. The most efficient and proven model, in which entrepreneurs can strive and are incentivized, is the venture capital model. As we are specialized in one disease, we bring in-depth knowledge and an international network to the table. We are a fund with no defined lifetime, investing approx. 10 early stage technologies and in later development phases, along with other investors.

Our biggest wish is that our three co-founders will witness the first new drugs in clinical use. That means this disease is actually almost as big as MS. Because of a low life expectancy there are only a few patients. The unmet medical need is high as there is only one drug on the market which extents life with approx. The cause of ALS is still unknown. Funding of research has increased significantly, as a result of successful efforts of many foundations and campaigns like the Ice Bucket challenge and the Amsterdam City Swim.