I have 200 dollars to invest

Radiant Infrared Sauna Review: I have 200 dollars to invest, EMF Levels, Buy it Or Not? I just moved to a new place after getting back to Florida from Maine, and I missed being in the great outdoors everyday. I looked around for a mountain bike on Craigslist, and even went to a couple pawn shops with the intention of buying something for the first time in my life. What About 29er Or The New 27.

How Is The Merax Finiss Reliability So Far? See the new apartment I moved into doesn’t have a garage and zero outdoor storage other than a porch, which I’m not quite used to yet. I would’ve spent if I’d gone to the local bike shop down the street like and picked up another Cannondale. I found a used Scott and Trek for sale at a local pawn shop from a craigslist ad, and it seemed like a better value than what you’d get at a bike shop. I didn’t really know what to expect, but being that I’ve had my race bikes stolen as a kid, I know what it feels like to have your shit ripped off, and I know what a stolen bike looks like when I see one. I didn’t want any part of this stolen bike nonsense, and started looking around online.

I didn’t really want a hipster fixed gear road bike that I couldn’t take in the dirt. I also wanted gears in case I decided to get a cool bike rack to carry stuff back and forth from the farmers market. It seemed like it was great quality, so I went to check out some more reviews and whatnot, but when I saw the related bikes at the bottom of the page the Merax Finiss really caught my eye! I really liked the way it looked, the wheels and tires, just everything about it screamed cool factor. I figured the more I like something, the more I’ll use it, right? The best part was I didn’t have to waste anymore time driving around town to get a bike.

Oh Amazon how I love thee. With all the major mountain bike companies making high quality inexpensive frames these days, a lot of what you’re paying for in a cheaper vs more expensive mountain bike is the quality of the components. There is a HUGE difference between a budget derailleur and shock setup, and a performance oriented pair like you’d find on a Specialized mountain bike for instance. The components on this Merax Finiss I would rate as average quality. It at least has Shimano derailleurs, ratchet shifters, disc brakes, an adjustable handlebar stem, and what seems to be an okay crankset.

That didn’t stop me from buying it however, and I think it’s an incredible value for the money! Is it the right bike for you? I’m probably never going to encounter rough terrain like you would living in Colorado or something. I didn’t need the latest and greatest suspension or components to have fun in the city either, I just needed something nice to get me out on the road an riding again. Toss it up as a loss and order another one by Wednesday. That said, this Merax Finiss is the best mountain bike, at the most affordable price, with the best value components on it I could find anywhere!

I looked online, at retail stores, pawn shops, bike shops, and couldn’t find anything like it, so I bought it. 800 dollar race bike lemme’ tell ya! My Iphone 6 with headphones fits right in there, so I can listen to pandora as I ride. Also my keys, wallet, and even concealed carry holster fits on the opposite side, which was a major major surprise and bonus! Should come in handy on those long rides! 300 now because last I checked the price was a little higher than I paid.

Yes, I think this is the cheapest, best all around hard tail mountain bike I found for the money, hands down. 200 bucks and never having to leave your house to go shopping for it, you can’t beat this deal in my opinion. Verdict:  I’d buy it again and am super happy with my purchase. Bike Mob ride since amazon shipped it so quick! The only thing I’d add to this bike, are a set of these lights.