How to start a business with less investment

Aluminium rebounded on Friday after the United States imposed sanctions on allies of President Vladimir Putin and their companies, including Rusal. Legendary short seller John Hempton’s how to start a business with less investment intervention in the dramatic hedge fund attack on Blue Sky is a timely reminder we have entered a new era of corporate governance. Little more than two years since it was brought to its knees by the oil price collapse, Santos has emerged as an unlikely sought-after prize to form the basis for a new global LNG powerhouse.

5 million plus termination payment given to fired CEO Alex Malley. Prince Charles has joined Lendlease, BHP and Qantas and others to set up climate change refuges on the Great Barrier Reef. Rob Shand has been fighting short sellers since the moment he took charge of the Brisbane based fund manager. Trump’s occasional threats to set anti-trust regulators onto Amazon seem farfetched. Amazon’s shares are down 7 per cent since Trump came out swinging against the company, its owner and The Washington Post. What’s important to Sam Neill: wine, family, friends – including porcine ones – and the planet.

And as for the rich Americans buying bolt holes in NZ? Examining the important role better corporate reporting plays in maintaining trust with all stakeholders. The secret to good business with Asia? A leading force engaging people and ideas in building a better future for rural America.