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Interactive Map Search For Property Using the PSI Virtual Mapping. L Gates Earns Recognition Among Top 10 U. The UAE’s location relative to Europe, Africa and Asia underscores the strength of its international trading relationships. In addition, with its business-friendly approach and excellent transportation and infrastructure, Dubai is a natural hub for us in the MENA region, where we expect to see continued development and growth. The office works closely with our firmwide Islamic finance and investment group.

Our Dubai lawyers also provide advice on UAE law and practice. This increase in sales at Dubai Airport Duty Free has seen the retail space grow from 7,000 square metres to 15,000 square metres with the inauguration of the new Emirates Terminal 3 at Dubai Airport in October 2008. A testimony to the huge Duty Free operation at Dubai Airport is the fact that it has received more than 150 awards from industry, media and government bodies. These awards include the prestigious Frontier Award for Airport Retailer of the Year, the Global Traveller Award for Best Duty Free Shop, the Business Traveller UK and the Business Traveller Middle East award for Best Duty Free Shopping, along with the Raven Fox Award for Middle East Travel Retailer of the Year. The successful running of the shop floor operation at Dubai Airport Duty Free and the fact that it is highly committed to promoting Dubai through a series of high level sporting events such as the tennis championships and annual sports calendar that includes horse racing both at home and overseas, ensures continued success for the future.

Dubai International Airport Duty Free There is an extensive range of high quality products to choose from at Dubai Airport Duty Free which ranges from leather goods and clothing to gold and perfumes and high-tech gadgetry, all at very competitive prices. The world’s best-known spirits, wines and champagne, and top selling brands of cigarettes, cigar and tobacco are available at Dubai Duty Free. The recently opened Casa de Habano offers an incomparable selection of Cuban cigars. Duty Free at Dubai Airport has an extensive selection of jewellery with a wide variety of gold, set with precious diamonds, gemstones and pearls. The Watch Island houses a comprehensive stock of timepieces from colourful swatches to top-of-the-range Rolex.

Just some of the names offering Crystal include Waterford, Swarovski, Wedgwood, Royal Doulton and Christofle. Passengers interested in purchasing perfumery at Dubai Airport Duty Free will find a large selection of fragrances from exclusive perfume houses for both ladies and gentlemen. Duty Free shopping at Dubai Airport offers a huge selection of shoes, lingerie, fashion wear and designer clothes for the ladies while suits, jackets, shirts and footwear from the top designer labels and fashion houses are available for men. A remarkable range of sports equipment and the latest sports fashions from the worlds top manufacturers and designers is available at Dubai duty free. This section at Dubai Airport Duty Free consists of a delicatessen, fine foods, confectionary, household items, baby care, budget cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, health food and linen.

Duty Free shopping at Dubai International Airport offers everything from cameras and binoculars to the latest in DVD technology and telephones. The latest movies and musical releases are also available along with an extensive back catalogue. Passengers are spoilt for choice when planning to do a bit of last minute Souvenir shopping at Dubai Airport and you will find a large selection of authentic Arabic items available to take home with you. Duty Free at Dubai Airport offers plenty of stylish handbags, suitcases, suit carriers, wallets, key minders and purses.

Duty free shopping at Dubai Airport offers a wonderful range of fluffy soft toys, games, remote control items, dolls, construction kits and hobby sets. Fiction and non-fiction for all ages including the latest magazines and newspapers in a variety of languages are available for purchase at Dubai Airport duty free. The Car promotion at Dubai Duty Free was first introduced in 1989 and offers 1,000 ticket holders the chance to win a luxury car, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Rolls Royce or Ferrari. Dubai Duty Free Finest Surprise Car Promotion. On average, two luxury cars are raffled every two weeks, for incoming, transiting, outgoing and online ticket buyers, with the winning cars being transported to any destination, anywhere in the world.

To view the terms and conditions and purchase tickets online, visit the official Dubai Airport Duty Free website, www. Dubai Duty Free Finest Surprise Bike Promotion. The promotion, which was first introduced in 2002, offers 1,000 ticket holders the chance to win a Harley Davidson. Millenium Millionaire Dubai Duty Free has captured the imagination of travellers and the media around the globe with their Millennium Millionaire draw. 1 million dollars to celebrate the opening of the new Dubai Airport and Dubai Duty Free, has now become an ongoing promotion. A total of 5,000 tickets are sold for each draw which can be purchased at Dubai Duty Free in Dubai International Airport or online at www. The limits shown in the table above do apply collectively which means that you cannot for example bring in 4 litres of wine and 4 litres of spirits, you can bring wine or spirits or a combination that totals 4 litres.