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Quiz: Do you recognise these celebrity movie cameos? Did Eva Longoria just dragons den uk biggest investment shade at Teri Hatcher? The Walking Dead: When did it jump the shark?

Can you believe that we have now had FIFTEEN SERIES of Dragons’ Den? But which of the brave entrepreneurs who entered the Den have done the best? Who has made the most of appearing on the show? And which products did you forget were even on Dragons’ Den? What happened next: Danny initially accepted this deal from the Dragons but after filming he decided against it after all, instead going for a bank loan.

And it paid off, because his 3D puzzles went a bit crazy and started selling rather well indeed. A soft toy with a screen and USB cable so kids can watch and cuddle at the same time, the product did really well after its launch as Argos signed an exclusive deal before it was later sold in shops like Hamleys, Harrods, Toys R Us and Tesco. What happened next: Who doesn’t love a bit of a boogie? That must have been what Deborah Meaden was thinking when she invested in Swing Patrol, a company that now offers weekly classes, festivals, dance workshops and four performance troupes. What happened next: As long as there are cute little kids, there will be theatre schools, but Denise’s Razzamataz franchise was such a success that it ended up popping up all over the country and even internationally. What’s more, Denise signed a deal with First Choice so that her company could supply teachers to Holiday Villages. A couple of years ago, she even bought back Duncan’s stake in the company.

What happened next: Who knew that a whiteboard in a roll would be such a success? The Magic Whiteboard ended up being stocked nationwide, including in Paphitis’s Ryman stores along with Sainsbury’s and Viking Direct. Who knew that a universal remote control could ever get us excited? But The Wand Company managed it by turning them into Doctor Who Sonic Screwdrivers.

Quiz: Do you recognise these celebrity movie cameos? Did Eva Longoria just throw shade at Teri Hatcher? The Walking Dead: When did it jump the shark? Here are just a handful of the best products shown to the Dragons, along with what happened next. An item so simple we’re surprised it didn’t exist before. Neil and Laura Westwood’s Magic Whiteboard allows people to rip whiteboards off a roll, then stick them to any hard surface and use them like a regular whiteboard.

The company is still active, and you can purchase all kinds of versions of the product via its official website. It has also reached over 20 countries and is in over 500 stores worldwide. How many times have you been out and about and suddenly it starts pissing it down with rain, and you don’t have an umbrella? The Umbrolly would have provided simple vending machines containing cheap but sturdy umbrellas at most underground and rail stations across the UK.

Imagine how awesome that would have been. Sadly, Charles Ejogo’s deal with the Dragons collapsed after the show, but he took Peter Jones’s advice to set up a new company without his original business partners. After working with other investors and partners, a smaller vending machine was launched in late 2007, and it gradually grew across Europe and the US over the next few years. By 2010, the UK arm of the business folded, but Charles’s business still provides consultative services, and overseas sales of its products to new and existing customers, so he’s doing pretty well for himself. We all love a boiled egg from time to time. But it can sometimes be quite a faff, what with the boiling of the water, then the making sure the egg doesn’t break, then the mucky washing up business.