Bmo investment banking analyst salary

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Do you want to create more value? But there is one group where you’ll get a more streamlined experience doing real, value-added work the whole time: corporate banking. Our interviewee today comes from a corporate banking department that’s separate from the investment banking division you already know, and he’s going to give you a corporate banking crash course. Today’s interview includes additional technical comments by Angela Choi, who spent some time covering the credit product side of finance and the economics research side of government policy.

While corporate banking may not inspire you to become the next Blake from Mitch and Murray, it also gets you better hours, less stress, and solid exit opportunities. Q: How did you get started with corporate banking? It’s more interesting to be in a group with deal flow than to be in a group without deal flow. So when it came time to look at banks, I looked closely at Corporate Banking and Leveraged Finance departments.