Best bitcoins to invest in

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I read this article and found it very interesting, thought it might be something for you. Bitcoin is getting all the fame in the world and it is now safe to say that Bitcoin is the leader in the cryptocurrency world. But with the limelight and popularity comes risks. Bitcoin wavered on Wednesday and fell to new lows. There are various Bitcoin alternatives which are ripe for investment in 2017. Bitcoin is also the target of several hacking attacks.

Litecoin is one of the best Bitcoin alternatives to invest in 2017. The currency is growing fast and currently within the reach of the average investor. Litecoin needs a very special hardware to be mined. Therefore the saturation levels are low. Ethereum is the most famous and reliable Bitcoin alternatives to invest in 2017.

In fact, a sizable group in the cryptocurrency community thinks that Ether has more growth advantages over Bitcoin in the long term. 200 after the overall cryptocurrency market fell to new lows. 46 billion, second to only that of Bitcoin. Peercoin is another Bitcoin alternative which can be bought be normal investors.

Analysts think that the coin will skyrocket again as people search for Bitcoin alternatives. Zcash is an open-source cryptocurrency which was launched in 2016. Zcash is the most secure and transparent alternative to Bitcoin. All details of transactions are published on a blockchain in Zcash, but the public ledger does not reveal the details of sender, recipient, and amount. Ripple is one of the cheapest cryptocurrencies you can buy right now. It is like the penny stocks of the cryptocurrency world.