980 ti ethereum hashrate

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Please forward this error screen to 173. AMD’s Vega graphics cards are slated for release on August 14, and the rumors starting to circulate. The most recent tease suggests that Vega could be a powerhouse at mining Ethereum, which could be true, but don’t get fooled by the hype. 17, 11:16am PT: Editor’s Note: Whether or not Vega is a mining “beast” or not, we should point out that it’s clear AMD is concerned about miners gobbling up Vega cards once they go on sale. Recognizing that the Polaris-based cards in its product stack are being gobbled up by cryptocurrency miners and largely unavailable to gamers, AMD came up with the concept of Radeon Packs.

These packs promise discounts when PC builders buy certain components at the same time as their new graphics card. These guys who do this professionally, let’s just say they are hackers more than you’d think . Since ours are based on OpenCL, they can go in there and manipulate and do things that are outside of our bounds. That can really increase the hash rate.

And there are private hash rate numbers that we see and just kind of go whoa. It’s kind of crazy what you would see from crypto-currency guys that do this for a living. They hire tons of software folks . And they hack into the firmware. We would never disable anything in our GPU that would hurt anything anywhere, especially for gaming. It’s a very delicate balance as you look at hindering anything, especially in compute .